Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Stuffed Shells

Yesterday we planned on going to the Beaumont Inn for lunch but it is closed on Mondays (and one other weekday which I have forgotten) so we went to Wah Mei, the Chinese Buffet instead. Aya suggested 5D's but I had a feeling Jason would have nothing to choose from that did not have meat so it was Chinese. Greasy as usual but not too unsanitary the place is okay.

I was planning on making manicotti for dinner so we went to Kroger to get some groceries but they had no manicotti. So after I went back to work Aya took everyone to Danville to get them at the Danville Kroger which is bigger and is where I got them from before. Well they didn't have any either. A bad day as far as plans go. But it was okay because I had lots of jumbo shells and I stuffed and baked them instead. Jason made something that tasted like scalloped potatoes and Junko made a salad. Afterwards we had Aya chocolate cake. It was a little more moist than usual. All the while Rachel and Ren were taking turns eating and terrorizing the kitchen.

There was a good thunderstorm and it cleared up afterwards so that the sunset colors were more dramatic than usual with big sections of the sky dark gray, others clear blue and others red. It cooled off and the wind came up.

I showed Junko where the new killdeer nest is in the lawn and watched the mockingbird do their wing opening thing as they eat. It seems that most of the birds around the house are Robins, mockingbird and Killdeer. The same pair of killdeer has tried and failed to keep a nest on the lawn twice already this spring. This is their third attempt and there are only three eggs instead of the usual 4. Every time it seems the eggs end up scattered a couple feet around the nest which is always on the ground. Aya and I have never been able to figure out who or what causes this but it is always disappointing. I remember last year the killdeer didn't have any trouble hatching their eggs but I guess the location was better. This year they keep making the nest in the same unlikely place that the lawn mower will go over. The guy that mows the lawn goes around it but still it seems like a terrible idea. Birds.

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