Monday, July 17, 2006

Pizza Crust

We went for a walk around the pond this morning
in this fancy all terrain style stroller that T. Has inherited and has at his house. It is nice but the front wheel doesn't rotate so curves aren't as smooth as we're used to but the big wheels seemed to make the ride on the dirt road more comfortable. I noticed that maclaren makes a model with a front wheel that does swivel!
The pond is really beautiful. Since there are only about three other houses on the pond it is very quiet.

After the morning nap we made a trip into Shurburne to Joe and Vinnie's pizzeria for lunch. I can't remember how long it's been since I've been there. At least 15 years? The Pizza was good and Ren was very popular. They were very curious about what language we were speaking and were very friendly. We gave some pizza crust to Ren figuring he would like to chew on it and he went crazy over it. He really likes pizza crust. He must have finished off a whole crust by himself by sucking one end continuously till it turned to mush.

After that we went to Hamilton to be tourists. It's fun being a tourist in your hometown when you haven't been there. Or maybe only if your hometown is Hamilton I don't know.

We found Panda Bear, Panda Bear at the new (to me) Colgate bookstore and had to have it. Ever since Ren got a Panda Bear teddy as a miyage from Jason and Junko from the DC International Zoo he has shown a distinct preference for Pandas. We let Ren wonder around in the grass in the park for he got tired and then drove around while he slept. And I remembered growing up. Posted by Picasa

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