Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ren at Play

Ren is here playing with one of his favorite books, one full of different textures which also introduces animals, colors and shapes. For now I think the textures are all he's interested in. Another one is of him reaching for the string to the blinds.

Over the four-day 4 th of July weekend we went down to visit with my parents and brohter's family. It's a long ride for Ren but he's always happy when we get there because of all the additional entertainment. There is Fritz the Rottweiller a cat the cats toys a fireplace to climb up to, lots of magazines, a couple of coffee tables, big couches, DVD cords to suck on dogs water to splash around in and best of all the greasy tracks that the sliding deck doors run in. I must have wiped the black grease from his hands 50 times. He like to put something flat that will slide under one hand and crawl around like that sliding the one hand. My mom seeing this said, "He needs a trian to push around". The next day it was there. Grandmas are fast!

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