Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Japanese Baby Bibs

Aya just got another care package from home. Because Ren is a champion drooler (teething or not) and needs to constantly have something to catch it before it soaks his shirt we have lots of stylish bibs. After looking at the baby bibs Aya's mom sent us I was convinced (my suspicions confirmed) that what Babies r us in Lexington has to offer are no more than rags compared to what babies in Japan get to wear. Not only do they have designs on both sides, but they even come in the ubiquitous incoherent English variety. Example below:
The traditional beauty beyond age
The Tradition is now being reconsidered

Let the incoherent-English-on-Japanese-baby-apparel posting begin...


Ju. said...

Rachel has several t-shirts from Japan that I wear... ie, "Don't Warking, A Bird Flies" or another favorite, "Eat the Head, Be Careful".

By the way, we love your blog! If we could ever have a kid as cute as Ren... well, sign. me. up.!

Ju. (Julianna)

jojo said...

Thank you! >blush<
I thought I had become immune to the whole Engrish thing but here I am in KY and I find it has gripped anew.