Friday, August 04, 2006

Stool Sample?

Wow, no time to write. I've been pretty well occupied at work and home recently. I wanted to try and catch up by writing back issues starting from our vacation to NY. Aya seems to be able log in what happened a couple of days ago and have it go in that day on the blog but I haven't figured out how to do that yet with this yet.

Looking forward to a weekend of more experimental Indian cooking. What to make?
I've got a taste for this Dal Masoor recipe that is not as spicy as I like but I think a little red chili could change that. I add the Hing to this though it is not on the list of ingredients. It provides a garlic like richness lacking in the original recipe.

For places to go, there is the annual crafts fair at Shaker Village this weekend. Last week we missed going to the Annual Harrodsburg Festival Aya had been looking forward to going to. It was sad.

I have figured out how to add links in the My Links part- It seems so complicated. I need to learn how to make hotspot links with words instead of pasting the whole link address. Haven't figured that out yet either. Any how there is a link there one of the blogs I like to read.

Since Ren has been waking up at the slightest shift of positioning sound in the early morning
I went to sleep in the other room after going to bathroom instead of risking waking him up.
When I got down stairs I was greeting with a big smile and a diaper of #2.

This is very good news because we have been looking for the opportunity to take a stool sample to the hospital for the last couple of days.

He seems to be having loose stools on and off for the last two weeks (since we got back form NY) and the doctor said that to make sure it is not a bacterial infection they would need a sample. He said he suspects it is a viral infection in which case there would be not antibiotics just a wait till his immune system kills it. So they gave us two containers in which to collect samples. One had a green fluid in it already and needed to be filled till the fluid was displaced level to a line on the side of the container, "then shaken up really good". The other one was just big container that they said needed to be submitted an hour within it's collection. We thought these were pretty silly instructions for a parents of a baby with watery stool. Think about it - if the poop is like water to begin with, it's going to be almost completely absorbed into the diaper and scooping it up to put in a bottle to displace fluid is all but impossible without following the baby around with out a diaper on hoping you'll catch the poop as it makes its exit! You have to wait till the poop is hard again which if the condition worsens could be a while. There was a good amount of poop yesterday but it was just as I got to work and with the hospital about 20 minutes away it wasn't going to get there in time. So this morning's #2 was welcome.

I went to the hospital and dropped it off with the person in the lab room after being registered. Apparently the results will be ready in 48 hours.

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