Monday, September 25, 2006

Gundam Stamps

A friend sent us a package with these Gundam stamps from Japan the other day.

Too bad there is no Star Wars proportion American film for this anime. Aya and I watched these on DVD from a friend and now I know all about it. I remember getting my brother one of the plastic models that I picked up in the grocery store, (the Omishima A-Coop in Miyaura to be exact) around Christmas time. I had no idea that I was getting him the body armour for Char, the red bad guy...or is he really a bad guy? He's in the two stamps, the second row down and to the left.


Ju. said...

Rachel has several bags full of stamps from Japan. They've all been stamped from shipping, but they're still really neat-o! I've been wanting to do *something* with them, but I'm not sure what to do. Any thoughts?

jojo said...

If I had that many, I'd probably put them into some kind of album as a collection...I thought they were more valuable with the stamp mark than without. But now I'm not sure.

Alternative idea: cover *something* paper mache with them if your not the collector.