Friday, September 01, 2006

Sign Study

Ren has really started taking this baby sign thing seriously. Well okay, this is actually him pictured on the verge of destroying the book by ingestion but he has been making progress. He has learnt to make the sign for "up"or "Dakko" (hold me) which he might be voicing soon. This is pretty simple though, not much more than an index finger pointed up. But still it's impressive to
see him producing sign. We have the SIGN with your BABY kit and it seems okay. The writing style seems pretty simplified and not what you would expect from a Doctor. we picked that one after reading reviews that said it was better than the alternative we were considering because it actually showed you lots of signs and spent more time explaining when to use them to get the most out of the baby's powers of association. It does have lots of signs to work from but now I'm wanting all the study and background research that is probably in the other book.

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