Friday, October 20, 2006


Ren used to cry to be taken out of the bath. But when I started draining the water with him still in the bath he became fascinated with the drain, how he could shut it by twisting it to stop the water and let the water drain again by lifting it up. Now, if I drain the water with him still in the bath he'll sit in the bath long after the water has drained fool around with the drain and complain about being eventually removed to get dressed. So I have to coax him out without draining the water and even then he is still very reluctant. One of his favorite bath toys is one of his nose cleaning syringes that we ended up not using because of how poorly it worked. He likes to watch the bubbles rise from it as he squeezes it under water and then squirt the water out. But most of all he like the bath itself with the faucet and the valve that makes the water come out of the shower instead of the faucet.

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