Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ren and Rachel

I picked up our friends last night at the Bluegrass airport. It seemed like they were tired of being in airports and were happy to get outside. Rachel is adorable. In some ways she is a lot like Ren. Ren had already bathed and eaten and would usually be getting ready to go to bed when we got back from the airport. Rachel seemed pretty excited to have a new place to crawl around and explore and didn't seem overly concerned with Ren. But Ren was at a loss of expression and didn't know what to make of our visitors, especially Rachel. He would crawl up to her and watch her and then break out with ear piercing screams. But soon calm down and then start it again.

After about and hour or so he seemed to be okay with everybody, was back to his normal self and didn't mind being held by anyone. Once he stopped acting so crazy they seemed fairly interested in each other and would sit down facing each other and talk baby talk with arms up and full body expression. It seems she is not used to having full range of an entire room or floor but in out apartment we've tried to make it baby proof enough so it is okay to climb around and get into whatever is in arms reach so she cruised from living room to Kitchen and looked like she was getting way with something or like at any moments she expected someone to grab hold of her to keep her from going farther.

We put her in Ren's walker and she seemed to like well enough. She reacts a lot more enthusiastic to toys that make sounds and music than Ren does and dances when toys sound. She has the cutest expressions. Ren is really sensitive to sounds but doesn't get too excited about them.

After eating we put Ren and Rachel to sleep. For some reason Ren did not sleep well at all. It seems after 1 am he woke up every 30 minutes or so and wouldn't go back to sleep with a little breast milk. I can't remember the last time I got less sleep because of him not sleeping. Aya is probably exhausted today too. But after 7am this morning he was all smiles and giggles like he has slept well enough. I imagine he is still a little tired and will be a little grumpy today. Maybe Rachel will help keep him from his usual boredom with being at home.

The stove seems to have broken and I'm trying to get the landlord to look at and fix it. it seems like perfectly bad timing for too break with Jason here. I wanted to make manicotti...I'll make sure I get a hold of the land lord today. Aya made Mochi-pan in the bread machine but it didn't raise properly and may not be edible. It seems It seems that using the flour labeled "best for bread machines " is not best for making Mochi-pan. Or maybe it's only best for American bread machines but not Japanese ones?

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