Friday, June 16, 2006

Something to do for the weekend

This is the problem for the day. What to do this weekend? With the babies it doesn't seem very practical to plan a trip that would have us all in the car for more than two hours but there are so few things to do without traveling about that far. Places that would be nice to go to like Mammoth cave, Natural bridge, Cumberland falls, Newport aquarium, Cincinnati zoo are all close to or over the two hour range. Shaker village is nice enough but it's so close that it's a place they can spend enough time at on a weekday. There is the dilemma. Places like the Kentucky horse park, bourbon distilleries and historical monuments like the capital building are not really of that great appeal. I think it will end up being shaker village or the salato wild life center where you can walk around and look at buffalo, fish, snakes, a big snapping turtle, and best of all, wild cats.

Jason is vegetarian so the bison Burger restaurant which is a usual attraction for visitors would not have the same level of novelty. But the Thai Restaurant is looking pretty good.

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